Working to prevent children's suffering throughout the world in the memory of Evan Marnix Guillaume.

The Evan Guillaume Memorial Golf Tournament is a charity event held annually in July to raise money for the Evan Guillaume Memorial Fund. People come from near and far to participate in this event of good times and better stories. Come join us and bring the whole family!



For those of us who had the privilege of knowing Evan, we know that he infused everything he did with fun and humor. Golf was no different! A bit bored by the conventional approach to golfing, one summer day, while out for a round with friends, Evan proposed a new set of rules to "spice it up a bit". Evan's version encouraged severe heckling of the opposition. He also, probably hungry and toting only change in his pockets, proposed a wager of massive proportions, any item on the Culvers menu could be wagered at each hole. Rest assured, Evan always knew whom to partner with and usually walked away with at least a double cheeseburger, fries and a shake.


After Evan's passing in October 2002, the first Evan Guillaume Memorial Golf Tournament was held in July 2003. Due to its great success, the event has become a fan favorite bringing people together to play "Guillaume style" for the past fifteen years. The tournament has raised over $700,000 and donated over $375,000 to a cause that inspired and uplifted the man that we all loved and still love so much.


"One of the kids came up to me with the biggest grin of pride on his face. He slowly raised his dirty and cut hands up to me. They were cupped and in them was a little, shiny lead ball.

He whispered in my ear, "Te gusta?" (Do you like?) 

I replied, "Si!" 

This simple conversation has meant more to me than any conversation in my life."

- Evan Guillaume, Summer 2000. NPH Cuernavaca